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Married to a Recovering Porn Addict: How Did I Find Out?

This is my account (one wife’s perspective) of being married to a recovering porn addict. I hope my journey may ease the pain for any wife that is currently experiencing the cancerous effect of porn addiction. My Story: On January 4, 2015, I discovered my husband was a porn addict. I was in my home … Continue reading

Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts During a Medical Crisis

There are several ways to overcome negative thoughts during a medical crisis. This article will outline a few ways to show you how to overcome negative thoughts during a medical crisis. Step 1: Pray/Meditate First, seek wisdom and divine guidance. Take a moment to pray or meditate. This process will also help to calm your … Continue reading

Live Your Vision Board – #90DaysofLovingMe

A vision board should paint a mental picture of your future reality in your subconscious mind. Whatever you want should be included on your vision board. Be specific. Add affirmations, quotes, and pictures to your vision board. Then meditate on your vision board each day.

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Overcoming Fear by @ShamelessMaya

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