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Your Key To Success: Authenticity

Are you living a life that is more in tune with who you were created to be or who the world has told you to be? Being authentic means to fully embrace the truth of who you really are. The authentic self is the you that can be found at your absolute core. The more … Continue reading

How To Create The Life You Really Want

Wouldn’t it be great if you could live life exactly as you want? Well, you can. You are in charge of your own destiny. And you don’t have to choose between your family, work, desires, or friends. You can have the life you want by following these simple steps: 1. Decide to Live Everyday so … Continue reading

3 Ways To Change Your Mindset

When you start to consistently dream big, you invite the possibilities into your life and everything changes. You live outside of your comfort zone, you learn and grow, and you become the creator of your own world. My life as a woman, mother, and business owner has been completely transformed by dreaming big. Here are 3 … Continue reading

7 Signs It's Time To Change Your Mindset

Possibly more than any other single factor, your mindset determines how move through life. It determines the quality of your relationships, how much money you have in the bank, whether you’re obese or not, your level of success and your level of happiness. So how do you determine the level of your mindset? I’ve included … Continue reading

How to Live the Life You Want Today

You may not realize it, but your mind is very powerful. Every moment of everyday, thoughts are running through your head. Sometimes there are several layers of thought going on all at once. They never turn off not even when you’re sleeping. Your mind is unlimited in potential. You can create anything you desire just … Continue reading

5 Ways To Raise Your Love Vibration

What is Love? Love is an energy vibration that exists as a part of the whole divine energy. The universal energy of love is the essence, the glue and the fabric of all that is and is the energy that moves through all. Love is the connection for all that exist in the seen and … Continue reading

The Importance Of Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself is a very important task which one has to undertake, it can often be the most challenging as well. When a person knows who they are, and clearly understands what they want, then they have a much better chance of discovering how to reach their own success, happiness and personal fulfillment! The Benefits … Continue reading

5 Holistic Ways to Love Yourself

Mind Make yourself a priority. Set aside some time for yourself. Unplug from social media. Spend time alone. Spirit Spend time in meditation Spend time with the Creator Health & Wellness Invest in self-care or spa time. Eat nutritional food. Drink plenty of water. Workout on a regular, consistent basis. Relationship with Self Do something … Continue reading

You Are Worth It

‘Do You Know Your ABC’s?’ —excerpt from Don’t Give It Away! by Iyanla Vanzant Accept your goodness, your beauty, your value, and your worth! Believe in yourself! Choose for yourself only those things that are good for you! Discipline yourself to always do your best and to do it on time! Excellence, not excess, is … Continue reading


Changes need to be made steadily but gradually. This journey is about ways to turn obstacles into stepping stones. Temperance in this position challenges you to gradually phase in changes in lifestyle and outlook, while letting go of old behaviors and thought forms. When we plant new varieties in a garden, we also clean out … Continue reading

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