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Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts During a Medical Crisis

There are several ways to overcome negative thoughts during a medical crisis. This article will outline a few ways to show you how to overcome negative thoughts during a medical crisis.

Step 1: Pray/Meditate

First, seek wisdom and divine guidance. Take a moment to pray or meditate. This process will also help to calm your mind from a panic state.

Step 2: Assemble Your Team

Your team should be holistic in nature addressing mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual Advisor or Guru:

Assemble your spiritual advisor or guru. This person should be someone who can help you tap into your inner essence reflecting wisdom into the situation. If you are not spiritual, then select someone who can be your voice of reason during this heightened emotional state. This person must be committed to attend all major medical consults and pre-op stages if any.

Medical Team:

Your medical team should not only be competent in their various areas of expertise but should have a positive outlook either scientific or spiritual in order to help you achieve your desired results. Eliminate all naysayers from the team.

Support Team:

This team will consist of your spiritual warriors, greatest cheerleaders, and people who are fully committed to the healing process no matter what. They should be positive in their words, attitude and action. These are the people who will stand in the gap and help invigorate you in times when you may feel tired and distressed.

Step 3: Time to Get to Work

Spiritual task:

Set your intention by creating a faith confessions or affirmations of the desired results. Post your confessions or affirmations in a place where you can visually see them at all times. Speak your confessions or affirmations throughout the day daily. Invest in healing lessons and play continuously throughout the day and night. Comedic and other positive, lighthearted entertainment may also be helpful.

Medical task:

Review all medical options with your medical providers. Your spiritual advisor should also be included during your medical consult to lean on just in case you need support. After you review your options, create a medical plan for healing with your doctors. Begin to work the plan.

Support task:

Meet with your support team in person or by phone. Each person’s situation and needs are different. Communicate to your team the status of your situation and resources you may need them to provide. Establish a reliable point of contact within the group. This person should be able to communicate effectively with the rest of the support team and take a leadership role during this process.

Step 4: Be Committed and Consistent

Healing is usually a process that takes time. It could be days, weeks or even years before you reach your desired results. You must remain committed and consistent to the process outlined here. There may be moments of doubt or fear may try to creep in. If that happens, speak your faith confession or affirmations out loud until those feelings go away. You may need to take a break if you are acting in a caregiver role. Reach out to your support team and spiritual advisor when necessary. They are there to help you.

Sample Faith Confession

I’m not moved by what I see but only by what I believe. I believe:

I walk in divine health.
My body functions the way it was designed to function.
By His stripes I am healed.
No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
I prosper and walk in health even as my soul prospers.

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Our Healing Story

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